LED lighting solutions that maximize efficiency & workplace environment from energy savings to lighting installation.

Your project deserves better than second-rate lights from a big box store that doesn’t understand your facility, your people, or your needs. 

Doug Mullett

Founder & chief consultant

With a career in lighting and energy that started with energy sales and moved into project coordination, Forthright LED founder and chief consultant Doug Mullett has always been about connecting the dots between energy, design, and maximized efficiency in a simple-to-understand and easy-to-implement manner. 

Knowing what types of lighting and how much light for optimum employee performance and energy savings can be tricky. 

We want to help you find the best solution. From the planning to the rebates-have a knowledgeable guide take the stress and the overspending out of your lighting conversion. 

Why free consulting?

You need to understand and be able to easily explain and justify any changes and expenses. We get that. 

You’ll know and understand exactly what type of lighting you need and how to create the best lighting for your work environment and your budget.

A facility design and evaluation shows you results before you pull the trigger. 

Why the facility lighting design and evaluation? 

Forthright LED is able to look at your lighting needs and budget holistically. From the lighting color to hot spots, and even trouble areas in your plant, Doug carefully designs the lighting plan that’s best for your building and your employees. He’s then able to recommend the best quality LED high bay lighting fixtures for your space-often for a fraction of the cost of the big box stores. Couple that with higher quality products, assistance with filing applicable rebates, and calculating energy savings and ROI for your accounting team, it is a no-lose situation. 

How is this different than just going to a big box store or local electrical distributor and buying a bunch of replacements?

Founder and chief consultant at Forthight LED:

Meet Doug



Loves living on an island but still getting away to the mountains to ski

Runs into old friends or former clients everywhere and loves to sit and chat

Are your light levels too low? 3 easy steps to measure your light levels.  

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