Full-Service Lighting Design, Analysis, and LED lighting sales company 

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Customized layout and design pdf- a visual pdf of your facility and exactly how much lighting you need.

Finding the best quality lights for your facility that will meet your needs for years to come.

Filing for any applicable rebates

Determining energy savings and ROI

Without the right lighting design and analysis, you’re either spending too much or not getting proper lighting

Complimentary planning, consulting, and rebate filing are included for no additional fee. 

Lighting Design & Analysis to reduce overspend and ensure proper lighting 

Let our LED design and solutions team help you with:

  • Evaluate your facilities’ current lighting issues

  • Discuss possible improvements, energy savings, and possible rebates.

  • Decide if it makes sense to keep working together 

On this call, we will:

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  • Work with our team in gathering your facilities lighting data 

  • Forthright LED creates a free customized lighting design PDF to meet your light-level target

  • Receive a simple and clear analysis showing cost-saving projections, rebate estimates and ROI to share with management and accounting team

Get a customized lighting strategy for your facility 

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  • Get The right high-quality LED lighting for your facility

  • Know exactly what to buy, where to put it, and also receive installation coordination assistance. 

Get High-quality lighting that lasts and saves 

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  • With energy savings to make the accounting department happy and better lighting that your team can see and feel

  • Go ahead and schedule that pizza party (on us)! Management, accounting, and maintenance will all be happy with the LED transition! 

Celebrate The Brightness

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Warehouse Lighting Made Easy


The right light levels

A great price

Real, measurable savings

Any applicable rebates 

  • Lighting design and consulting included for no additional fee. Why? Because the point of switching to LED is to SAVE money AND have a better lighting product. 

  • Our products are high quality and typically better priced than big box stores.

  • To experience the long-term benefits of LED, you need a comprehensive plan, and an experienced guide who understands more than the typical local electrician or distributor. 

  • Nationwide service 

Know for certain that your facility is getting:

Forthright Pricing and Fairness: 

Don’t Let Bad Lighting or a High Electric Bill Hold Your Company Back! 

Safe work environment  

Increased productivity

Measurable ROI

Energy savings  

Happy accounting department

Elimination of reactive maintenance

Lighting Solutions that check all the boxes 

Are your light levels too low? 3 easy steps to measure your light levels.  

Free Guide: 

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