Best Commercial LED Lighting Rebates Of 2024

General Lighting Knowledge

Active commercial lighting rebate programs now cover 77% of the United States. These programs offer an incredible opportunity for businesses to save money while upgrading their lighting systems.

What Are The Best Rebates Of 2024?

Below is a list of the average rebate amount by type of light you can replace with LED across the USA and the percentage of the difference from 2023 to 2024:

– Replacement Bulbs (A19, PAR, MR) $9 up 22%

– Linear Tube $4 up 4%

– Pin-Based (cfl-ni replacement) $5 down 8%

– Downlights $24 down 14%

– Troffers / Panels $32, down 3%

– Retrofit Kits (1×4, 2×2, 2×4) $39 up 3%

– Accent / Track Lighting $53 up 6%

– Screw-in HID (corncob) $56 down 3%

– Outdoor Wall Packs $105 up 7%

– Parking Garage Fixtures $108 up 7%

– Outdoor Pole/Arm Mount $112 up 6%

– High Bay Fixtures $123, down 3%

Start Your Research 

Start by typing in Google: “(Enter your state) (Enter your utility name) commercial lighting incentive programs.” – Then press ENTER and start down the rabbit hole.

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