Maximize LED L70 Rating for Longevity

General Lighting Knowledge

LEDs are renowned for their longevity and efficiency, often marketed with the promise of lasting “forever.” However, to accurately gauge the lifespan of LED lighting, the industry utilizes the L70 rating. This metric indicates the point at which an LED’s light output degrades to 70% of its original luminosity, serving as a benchmark for comparing the longevity and quality of LED fixtures.

For example, consider an LED fixture with a specified L70 lifespan of 100,000 hours (>or=to 100k is the gold star). In a facility operating continuously (24/7/365), this equates to an operational expectancy of approximately 11 years before the light output falls to 70% of its initial level.

When selecting LED fixtures, facility managers should consider several factors to ensure optimal lighting performance over time:

  • Operational Hours: Assess the total hours your lighting system is active to estimate fixture longevity.
  • L70 Rating: A higher L70 rating suggests a longer-lasting fixture. Compare these ratings to determine the best value.
  • Foot Candle Targets: Consider specifying a slightly higher initial foot candle level to accommodate the gradual decrease in light output.
  • Lumen Output: Opting for fixtures with a higher lumen output can serve as a buffer against future light degradation, ensuring sustained brightness.
  • Energy Consumption: Balancing the desire for a buffer with energy efficiency is crucial. Higher wattage fixtures offer more light but consume more energy.
  • Facility Tenure: Evaluate how long you plan to occupy your current facility to determine the most cost-effective lighting solution.

Ultimately, integrating these considerations with the L70 rating will help facility managers in making informed decisions about LED lighting investments, optimizing both performance and cost-effectiveness over the lifespan of the fixture.

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